At Lilogy, customers always come first.  After the application process you are going to be paired with an Account Manager based on location and industry.  They are available round the clock via email and phone to make sure all your needs get addressed.

Required Documents

Application Stage

  • Our quick and easy single page application, filled & signed by majority owners.
  • 4 months of recent business checking statements
  • 4 months of recent merchant processing statements (if applicable)

The answer to this question is yes. Bad credit does not disqualify you from receiving funding for your business. Businesses are unique, just like everything in this world. Every business, and every business owner, are not constructed of the same makeup, therefore we view every business with a fresh outlook and consider everything on a case by case scenario. Sometimes a business might have great potential, but an unfortunate circumstance is causing a bank to turn away. We view your business individually, and take everything into unique consideration.

What can you do to help my company?

We can help scale your sales. Lilogy’s programs are designed to help the growth of your business. Our responsible approach corresponds to your business needs. And with funding, you can expand your resources. Retroactively, when you increase your resources, you can scale your sales into unimaginable growth.

How long does it take?

We can fund in less than 24 hours, and still provide thorough and accurate funding. The Proof is in the Process. Sick of waiting endlessly to find out when your financing will reach the final approval? Sick of jumping through too many hoops and hurdles? Our financing options are simple and fast. Our well thought out proximity matrix uses advanced, proprietary algorithms which can drive the most efficient and accurate results. The proof is in the process. We want to be your financing partner and get the most satisfaction in seeing your business thrive.

Is there an industry that you work with primarily?

We have experience in various industries- ranging from technology to fashion. We work with any businesses in any industries- as long as they show us the minimum requirements for our investment deals-of course.

Do you have restrictions and limitations?

No. Our scoring system, and funding ability, has no ceiling. While you might have heard, “we can’t do this” or “we can’t go that high”, you won’t be hearing that from us. With uncapped funding ability, we look at your file with a customer friendly approach, because have the means to get it done. Any industry, any state, our funding abilities know no bounds. We combine analytical metrics with inventive resourcefulness. The sum of that equation is limitless production.