About Us

Our Company

We are a collective of highly skilled business and financial minds trained to add the necessary resources to help your business thrive. Since 2012 Lilogy has offered businesses creative solutions that meet their needs through financing. Lilogy was started with one vision – to create a company that helps business owners to succeed and conquer.

Our Mission

You want to see your business grow and so do we. Our goal is to provide financing programs to businesses, which can be the catalyst for fixes and repairs on current conditions or begin the process to expand and blossom. We look at a business for its true value and potential by looking past any perceived adversity and focusing on the positives.

Our Staff

Our staff are trained and incubated to work in the most astute, capable, and empathetic manner. Most importantly, we listen. We want to know about your unique situation, so we can accurately understand how your business operates, and what your business needs. We are extremely qualified and dedicated to working efficiently and responsibly. You want communication. And you want results. Because behind the business, you are a person. So are we.

Here at Lilogy, we believe teamwork makes the dream work. We all work together to make sure we provide outstanding customer service and an easy funding experience for you.